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Shaun McMurtrie

Hello! I am Schaun McMurtrie. Welcome to my site!

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I am Shaun "The Exposed Bator" as most know me from online. My real name, as you can see, is Shaun McMurtrie. I am a complete nudist and exhibitionist, loving to be naked anywhere and everywhere that I will not get arrested or offend anyone. Just love to be seen naked, masturbating, showing off...and have men to take pics and videos of me.

My exposure fetish has nothing to do with being humiliated, degraded, or being called a "fag." It is about the freedom to express myself fully naked, uninhibited, and confident in myself. I enjoy both sexual and non-sexual nudity, but prefer to live my life as open as possible.

I am very flattered when men use my naked images and videos for porn. I love that the sight of my naked body arouses other men. I love to be encouraged to show off, masturbate, popper up, and expose myself to the world.

I am looking for opportunities to take my exposure fetish to public venues. If you need a nude model, naked spokesperson, public demonstration of your sex products, or an actor to appear naked in your film, video, or online medium, just send me an email. I would love to be made famous as "The Exposed Bator" to the entire world.

Any negative messages received calling me a "fag," humiliating or degrading me for my exposure, or threatening blackmail will not be well-received. Please help support my absolute exposure in a positive and productive way!

And I am so proud of being part of TheBestOf.Absolutely.Exposed!